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YuRiPa's Our Name and Treasure's Our Game!

You WISH we were the Three Good Fairies...

Yuna, Rikku, and/or Paine ^_^
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Well, this is our little journal. Ours, as in Yunie, Paine, and me, Rikku! ^_^

Rikku: I seem to be on it the most. I'm a blonde Al Bhed with swirly green eyes not supposed to give out descriptions or locations Destiny Islands right now, but usually I'm in Radiant Garden of myself, so, um, yeah. ^^;;;

Yuna: I'm Rikku's cousin and daughter of the High Summoner Braska just an ordinary girl fairy (due to some kind of spell, I believe).

Paine: ... (Rikku: she's not very talkative to strangers, plus she's the one who actually listened to Leon's lecture on 'net safety and all that...^^;;;)

Anyway, that's us. Drop a line sometime, I we love meeting and talking to new people!!